I am able to offer distance counseling via online video to residents of the state of Maine. Online counseling sessions are conducted over, an encrpypted video conferencing service that is free to clients ( follows security standards required of healthcare professionals). Remote counseling may be of benefit under these circumstances:

* counseling is not available in a certain geographical area, especially more rural locations

* a medical condition may impact the ability to make appointments in person

* childcare or transportation issues make in person counseling difficult

Given advances in technology, remote counseling can be a good fit for some people. However, limitations do exist. Remote counseling is not suitable for those experiencing crisis/ life threatening situations and those with serious psychiatric conditions.  Additionally, technical failures may occur and impact availability.

To ensure that remote counseling is a good fit, our first session needs to occur in person. Prior to our appointment, I will mail the necessary paperwork to you.

If you are interested in remote counseling, please review these steps:

1. Contact me via email at or via phone at (207) 494 – 5770 so we may discuss whether remote counseling is a good fit.

2. Complete the required paperwork prior to our first appointment–I will provide instructions on how works (it is very user friendly and similar to Skype).

3. Prior to our first online session, the session fee must be paid in advance using Paypal (located on the Frequently Asked Questions page).